About the author

I am a guy in my fourties, my wife and I have two children. I am blogging about my thoughts on various topics around personal finance and wealth building. The goal of this blog is to show my journey to a self-determined and exciting life.

How I think about wealth and why I started this blog

I have never been a big spender. I have always been a much better saver instead. Money is energy, often traded against time and effort. It is too valuable to be wasted. The consumerism mantra “one earns to spend” is a very tricky one.

You cannot have a voluntary, independent life while drowning in debts and living from paycheck to paycheck. As long as you have to work hard for your money to make a living, you are stuck in a treadmill and will never be free. You cannot rise to the top of your capabilities and pursue your dreams.

drawing draw and shape your (financial) life

drawing by the author

You must put yourself in a position – financially and mentally – in which you have options.

I chose the path of a down to earth lifestyle, consistently spending less than I earn. My savings enable me to invest in companies listed on the stock market. I am always keen on establishing various passive income streams. I love to have both, the benefits and satisfaction of being an employee and on the other side to have the perspective of a business owner. So far, my wife and I have not been engaged in real estate investing. But buying our first house is an exciting goal to pursue.

I firmly believe that the process of building wealth through a down to earth life style makes you strong. And it can be fun. Wealth gives you options, it serves you as a buffer for rainy days and – invested wisely – money will begin to work for you instead of the other way around.

I write this blog for my readers and of course for myself. I hope to accomplish following things:

Creating a personal journal which articulates my dreams, achievements, failures and changes I am experiencing

Having fun and excitement by producing and elaborating my thoughts and concepts

Being inspired and – hopefully – inspire others